Our Goal:

At Ergo and Eco, our goal is to provide you with ergonomic solutions for your home and office: Sit/Stand Desks, Office Treadmills, Treadmill Desks, Ergonomic Seating, Anti-Fatigue Mats, Synergy Ball Chairs, Monitor Arms and our locally-made, ergonomic Lap Log Tablet Stand for iPads and other eReaders.

The Problem:

The sedentary lifestyles of today are not working in our favor. How many hours each day do you spend at your desk and your computer? Our bodies are designed to move a lot and often – not sit at a desk for prolonged periods. Sitting too much results in back pain, neck aches, herniated lumbar disks, headaches from poor posture, muscle atrophy, poor circulation and even sleep apnea.

Our Solution:

Our Charleston, SC Showroom for Ergonomic Office and Home Solutions gives you the opportunity to try out and purchase ergonomic, eco-friendly, innovative and functional design that promote a productive, healthy and active workplace.

Stop in to try out a sit/stand desk for yourself and see if it’s the solution you need!

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