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We are big believers in keeping our bodies moving. We all sit too much! As a husband and wife team working side by side, we developed Ergo and Eco to help you incorporate movement while working … and improve your health, productivity and longevity with ergonomic choices for your office and home. Ergonomic choices can make all the difference in both how you feel and how you work.

After spending 12 years creating, developing and managing an eco-friendly, USA- made manufacturing business, we are going down a new road on our entrepreneurial journey.

Two years ago, Mindy started using a sit/stand desk and was amazed with the ease of transition from sitting for hours at her computer to doing a combination of sitting and standing during her work day. She felt more energetic with less body aches at the end of the day.

Morris, who had some back pain issues, decided to try one out. Almost right away, he realized that his back felt better at the end of each day and he felt more productive while at work. Using a sit/stand desk for his work day, along with a Mobis Seat, became the new norm.

Living in the historic, coastal city of Charleston, SC, we spend a lot of time outdoors, but our work days require hours of computer time and customer service. If that’s something you can relate to and you have the desire to stop sitting all day long, give us a call – or come visit our showroom and satisfy your curiosity about how to set up an ergonomic office – and try out a sit/stand desk!

Mindy & Morris Saintsing – Ergo and Eco Suite F/G, 454 Deanna Lane, Charleston SC

“We want to share our passion for “less sitting” and better health with everyone. We know our customers will have less aches and pains once they try a standing desk.” #KeepMoving

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